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Joining the FLS Appraiser Panel

Welcome! We appreciate your interest in partnering with FLS. We make the appraisal process as quick and efficient as possible. Appraisal orders will be assigned via system generated email, based on your coverage areas and your good standing within our performance rating system. You may accept or decline appraisal orders as your schedule allows, but we will continually expect a high standard of quality and timely work.

Our user-friendly website gives appraisers the ability to manage their pipeline efficiently and effectively while providing the best communication with our Client Relations Specialists via the website. We offer our appraisers premium support through our personal service, experience, and use of technology.

In order to become part of the FLS preferred appraisers, please click on the apply button and complete the online application. To start building your personal profile, you must first accept the terms and conditions of our appraiser agreement.

Once your application is received, FLS will screen your information for acceptance. Appraisers that meet our initial screening process are conditionally approved subject to satisfactory review of their initial assignments. A username and password will be delivered with your welcome letter.

What It Is Like to Work with FLS

Appraiser Testimonials

FLS is what I want in a client – straightforward, efficient and an overall good partner. Highly recommended.

Timothy Brown, Appraiser

I enjoy working with FLS because they are first and foremost a pleasure to work for. In this crazy market of real estate, FLS is a breath of fresh air for lenders, appraisers, buyer’s ,and seller’s alike.

Kelly Riter, Appraiser

I am an appraiser that has worked with FLS for nearly 7 years. The team members of FLS are the absolute best people I have ever worked with from an AMC. Their fees and turn times are very competitive. I have also found it easy to communicate with the staff appraisers. After 20 years in the industry, I would strongly recommend FLS to any appraiser seeking an AMC that I consider to be one of the best I have ever worked with.

John Koelz, Appraiser

I have worked with FLS for over 10 years and have been an appraiser for 41 years. FLS is the best client I have ever worked for due to their professionalism, expertise and knowledge of the real estate industry. FLS is a thorough appraisal management company that takes pride in contracting with the best appraisers in the area. Prompt payment and very reasonable fees is another attribute of FLS. Their fees are quite acceptable and very competitive in my market area. Working relationships with the employees of FLS has been wonderful. Employees are very knowledgeable and respectful when communicating with the appraiser. It is a great company with great employees.

Joseph A. Fornito, Appraiser

I enjoy FLS more than any AMC I work with as they are not high maintenance and allow appraiser independence with completing orders.

Dustin Skidmore, Appraiser