FAQ – Appraisers

Q. How do I join the FLS Appraiser Panel?

A. To join the FLS Appraiser Panel, click on https://fls.myvalutrac.com/register and complete the Appraiser Panel Application.

Q. Do you broadcast appraisals?

A. FLS selects individual appraisers for orders rather than broadcasting.

Q. Do you charge a fee to use the FLS portal?

A. No. Free appraisal submission is available through the ValuTrac portal.

Q. Do you have an app?

A. Yes. FLS uses the ValuTrac MobileOne app. Go to https://valutracone.myvalutrac.com/Account/Register to sign up.

Q. What type of fee model do you use?

A. FLS utilizes a Cost+ model where the appraiser receives their full fee and FLS is paid a separate set admin fee.

Q. How quickly are appraisers paid?

A. FLS will submit payment to the appraisers through ACH or check as requested by the appraiser on a bi-weekly basis. The appraiser will receive payment based on completed orders within the specified time frame.

Q. Does FLS allow Appraiser Trainees to complete appraisals?

A. Trainee appraisers may perform appraisal services for Conventional loans, but they are not allowed on FHA/USDA. There may also be investor-specific requirements for trainee appraisers.

Q. Does FLS have staff appreaisers to offer support to the appraiser panel?

A. Yes. FLS has trained staff appraisers to provide support to its appraiser panel.

Q. How do I contact FLS?

A. Please call 866-567-6792 to reach one of our staff members.

Q. What is the relationship between FLS and Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, Inc.?

A. FLS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, Inc.